Top Three - Most Clutch Players In NBA

If you want to be considered as a great player in NBA you must be very good at finishing the end game that is why millions of dollars were paid to each of the star player in a team to win games. I have here the list of the three most clutch players in NBA, these were based on how they perform at the end game and how many crucial games they make the big shot:

1. Michael Jordan - I think this is unanimous, nobody does it better than Mike, he knows what to the at the end game, he never chokes and he make incredible plays in each possession at the end game. Do you still remember his famous shot against the Utah Jazz guard Bryon Russell which won their 6th championship? Mike is flawless, his moves are always in rhythm and you can see his confident body language during crunch time, this guy thinks like an assassin and will kill you from perimeter or in the paint that is why he is considered as the greatest and most clutch player of all time.

2. Larry Bird - When it comes to being clutch on both offense and defense Larry is the guy, he make plays that no one think would be possible, if you think you already won the game because there is no enough time left you better think again, Larry can find a way to steal the game from you, he is almost unguardable, he can make awkward shots no matter how far he is from the basket. Larry can create any kind of shot, fade away, jump shot in traffic, acrobatic layups name it. Larry is at his best during crucial games. Championship is not complete until he make a big shot to remember.

3. Kobe Bryant - this guy cannot be stopped by anyone when he get into his zone. He is capable of scoring all the points of his team in 4th quarter and he will not pass the ball to anyone when he feels it. This guy has no conscience and no matter how bad his game is, he can still make big plays during the stretch. I remember when he was still at the early stage of his career, he made 4 airballs during the last minute of the ball game against the Utah Jazz, they were eliminated at that time but when I saw it I knew Kobe is not afraid to shoot the ball during end games. Kobe will silence the crowd with his impossible shots, his range is unlimited that is why it is very difficult to guard him.

Carmelo Anthony - What Is The Perfect Team For Him?

The deadline for the signing of free agents is almost near and we haven't hear anything yet from the biggest stars that were available, one of them is Carmelo Anthony, what do you think is the perfect team for him? In terms of winning culture and experienced with deep bench I will go with Dallas Mavericks, this team has been a contender for a long time and they have a great coach, passionate owner and a great superstar named Dirk Nowitzki plus they add a great defender in the paint and former defensive player of the year Tyson Chandler. Mavericks almost beat the spurs in game 7 this year, they only lack an extra punch and fire power at the end of the game, I think Melo is the guy that they needed to bring back the swagger that they once have. Dirk Nowitzki is an unselfish player and is willing to play the second wheel to make the team better, Dallas also have a lot of hungry veterans that is willing to do whatever it takes to win at least one championship at twilight of their career plus they have a speedy backcourt in Ellis and Harris, this Dallas Mavericks team is sure a fun to watch if they get Melo.

Second best option for Melo is the Houston Rockets, they have a very hungry and powerful center in Dwight Howard plus in my opinion the best shooting guard today James Harden, they will have a very strong offensive line up but the only concern for me here is chemistry, as we know sometimes having 3 players that needed the ball too much in order to get their offense going is not good for any team. But in the long run, Rockets has fresher legs than the Mavericks, they have a better chance of winning the championship if we are talking about 3-4 years in the making. I think Dirk has not too much enough gas left in his tank so if they can't win a championship in two years, chances are Melo will look for another team.

I will go for the Bulls for the third option, yes they are a great defensive team but I think this team has no winning mentality and they still lack dept in offense. Rose's health is not stable and for me they are still in the rebuilding process, Melo and Rose will not be a very good fit because they have different style of playing but who knows? we will never know unless we see them playing together, one thing is for sure, Melo will never go for a team that has no money and has no chances of winning, it is now or never for him at the stage of his career.

Kristen Ledlow or Rachel Nichols, Who's Hotter?

All of the Inside stuff's fans today were very amused by the gorgeous Kristen Ledlow, who has not only great sex appeal but very intelligent court side reporting, this hot blonde reporter is getting a lot of attention from NBA fans and not only fans even the NBA players too. Ledlow possesses all the characteristics of a woman that a man could wish - tall, sexy, intelligent, hot and great career. There are no humors if Ledlow is already taken but I bet there are lots of young men there courting her, but before Ledlow hit the market there is a one chick out there named Rachel Nichols, a veteran sports journalist who was once the fantasy of sports fans and even players too. Rachel is getting older and was already married but this woman still has some marks of beauty left in her arsenal. Nichols too is a smart woman, sexy and possess all the characteristics that Kristen has but her experience made her even hotter and the way she talk to athletes and different personnel makes her even more appealing. I don't know why I am writing this but it is a pretty interesting topic, sports is not just about athletes, the sports journalists are very entertaining too. So who do you think is hotter? Nichols or Ledlow?

3 Reasons Why The Miami Heat Big Three Will Stay

The devastating loss to San Antonio Spurs this 2013-2014 season leaves a big question if the Miami Heat's Big Three of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and of course the greatest basketball player in the planet today, the King himself Lebron James. A lot of speculations about Lebron James coming back to Cleveland because it is his beloved home town, these are the three reasons why the big three will stay:

1. Lebron James doesn't want to add haters into his life anymore, if Lebron James will leave Miami heat this will double his haters, one group form Cleveland and the other group form Miami Heat. It is hard to play with 2 former teams hating you and aside from that Lebron looks really comfortable teaming up with Wade and Bosh.

2. Miami Heat is a very strong contender, no matter how bad they lose at the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat is still the beast in the east, it just happens that the San Antonio Spurs is a better team this year and like what Pat Riley says, they need to retool and not rebuild. If the big three will separate their ways I don't think they will find a team stronger than Miami.

3. Friendship - Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have been good friends and their bond strengthen the chemistry of the Miami Heat team, those three can sacrifice their numbers for the benefit of the team, I bet if they weren't good friends, not even a single championship could be won on the big three era.

So Miami Heat fans, nothing to worry about, the big three had just talked and they made a decision that will be good for the Heat basketball, just because they opt out doesn't mean it is over now, remember what Lebron says... Not one, not two but seven championships, it is hard but it is possible.