Carmelo Anthony - What Is The Perfect Team For Him?

The deadline for the signing of free agents is almost near and we haven't hear anything yet from the biggest stars that were available, one of them is Carmelo Anthony, what do you think is the perfect team for him? In terms of winning culture and experienced with deep bench I will go with Dallas Mavericks, this team has been a contender for a long time and they have a great coach, passionate owner and a great superstar named Dirk Nowitzki plus they add a great defender in the paint and former defensive player of the year Tyson Chandler. Mavericks almost beat the spurs in game 7 this year, they only lack an extra punch and fire power at the end of the game, I think Melo is the guy that they needed to bring back the swagger that they once have. Dirk Nowitzki is an unselfish player and is willing to play the second wheel to make the team better, Dallas also have a lot of hungry veterans that is willing to do whatever it takes to win at least one championship at twilight of their career plus they have a speedy backcourt in Ellis and Harris, this Dallas Mavericks team is sure a fun to watch if they get Melo.

Second best option for Melo is the Houston Rockets, they have a very hungry and powerful center in Dwight Howard plus in my opinion the best shooting guard today James Harden, they will have a very strong offensive line up but the only concern for me here is chemistry, as we know sometimes having 3 players that needed the ball too much in order to get their offense going is not good for any team. But in the long run, Rockets has fresher legs than the Mavericks, they have a better chance of winning the championship if we are talking about 3-4 years in the making. I think Dirk has not too much enough gas left in his tank so if they can't win a championship in two years, chances are Melo will look for another team.

I will go for the Bulls for the third option, yes they are a great defensive team but I think this team has no winning mentality and they still lack dept in offense. Rose's health is not stable and for me they are still in the rebuilding process, Melo and Rose will not be a very good fit because they have different style of playing but who knows? we will never know unless we see them playing together, one thing is for sure, Melo will never go for a team that has no money and has no chances of winning, it is now or never for him at the stage of his career.


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