Top Three - Most Clutch Players In NBA

If you want to be considered as a great player in NBA you must be very good at finishing the end game that is why millions of dollars were paid to each of the star player in a team to win games. I have here the list of the three most clutch players in NBA, these were based on how they perform at the end game and how many crucial games they make the big shot:

1. Michael Jordan - I think this is unanimous, nobody does it better than Mike, he knows what to the at the end game, he never chokes and he make incredible plays in each possession at the end game. Do you still remember his famous shot against the Utah Jazz guard Bryon Russell which won their 6th championship? Mike is flawless, his moves are always in rhythm and you can see his confident body language during crunch time, this guy thinks like an assassin and will kill you from perimeter or in the paint that is why he is considered as the greatest and most clutch player of all time.

2. Larry Bird - When it comes to being clutch on both offense and defense Larry is the guy, he make plays that no one think would be possible, if you think you already won the game because there is no enough time left you better think again, Larry can find a way to steal the game from you, he is almost unguardable, he can make awkward shots no matter how far he is from the basket. Larry can create any kind of shot, fade away, jump shot in traffic, acrobatic layups name it. Larry is at his best during crucial games. Championship is not complete until he make a big shot to remember.

3. Kobe Bryant - this guy cannot be stopped by anyone when he get into his zone. He is capable of scoring all the points of his team in 4th quarter and he will not pass the ball to anyone when he feels it. This guy has no conscience and no matter how bad his game is, he can still make big plays during the stretch. I remember when he was still at the early stage of his career, he made 4 airballs during the last minute of the ball game against the Utah Jazz, they were eliminated at that time but when I saw it I knew Kobe is not afraid to shoot the ball during end games. Kobe will silence the crowd with his impossible shots, his range is unlimited that is why it is very difficult to guard him.


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