3 Reasons Why The Miami Heat Big Three Will Stay

The devastating loss to San Antonio Spurs this 2013-2014 season leaves a big question if the Miami Heat's Big Three of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and of course the greatest basketball player in the planet today, the King himself Lebron James. A lot of speculations about Lebron James coming back to Cleveland because it is his beloved home town, these are the three reasons why the big three will stay:

1. Lebron James doesn't want to add haters into his life anymore, if Lebron James will leave Miami heat this will double his haters, one group form Cleveland and the other group form Miami Heat. It is hard to play with 2 former teams hating you and aside from that Lebron looks really comfortable teaming up with Wade and Bosh.

2. Miami Heat is a very strong contender, no matter how bad they lose at the San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat is still the beast in the east, it just happens that the San Antonio Spurs is a better team this year and like what Pat Riley says, they need to retool and not rebuild. If the big three will separate their ways I don't think they will find a team stronger than Miami.

3. Friendship - Chris Bosh, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have been good friends and their bond strengthen the chemistry of the Miami Heat team, those three can sacrifice their numbers for the benefit of the team, I bet if they weren't good friends, not even a single championship could be won on the big three era.

So Miami Heat fans, nothing to worry about, the big three had just talked and they made a decision that will be good for the Heat basketball, just because they opt out doesn't mean it is over now, remember what Lebron says... Not one, not two but seven championships, it is hard but it is possible.


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